About Me


“your happiness lies in your ability to be brutally sincere with yourself
your power to love lies in your capacity to be honest and open up your soul completely”

The Photo Poetry Book – a year of 366  days of  poetry captured in photographs


I am a fine art photographer. I am a writer. I am a dreamer trying to make the gap between poetry and photography a little smaller. I am an artist exploring the world and my emotional state, creating new ways of art expressions and welcoming the viewer into a magical abstract emotional world.

Photopoetry is a fusion of fine art photography and poetry. Art is presented in a beautiful combination of written poetry on a piece of paper, captured in photographs. Photopoetry is all about creating from your soul, for people who love photography and poetry equally and encouraging others to create passionate Photo Poetry.

The Photo Poetry Book started as a personal 366 days challenge, creating each day photopoetry, an experiment, in my healing process, in my grieving moments, after a depression, after a break down, when my whole world fell apart and I started questioning the purpose of life and trying to find a meaning for my life. By creating art again and writing again, The Photo Poetry Book project helped me along the way with all my struggles, social and emotional, that we all, as people, have to deal with. It is a project of deep love, purpose, loss, a tribute to love and death, an encouragement to go on and never give up, a process of learning and finding hope again.


A great love doesn’t go away. Never. Great pain comes with it. Be prepared to live your life. Open up your soul completely, be brutally sincere with yourself, and LOVE.


Now, I want to create more photopoetry and share my work as much as possible in the hope that it will encourage, motivate and inspire others to join me in my journey or to create photopoetry.

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The book The Photo Poetry Book is dedicated to my grandparents.


This is the place where Photography meets Poetry.

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brutally sincere, with the soul completely open, yours