The past year brought a lot of changes in everyone’s life, the isolation made a lot of hidden wounds in everyone’s soul and mind. As the silence and distance are growing, the words become heavier and heavier to carry. An entire spectrum of emotions and chaos that rules our minds, where the grief grows, fear, and despair, until we will choose to let go.

In every dark moment, we have to search for the love inside.

As I saw small businesses closing, gallery closing, so much loss, grief, riots, violence, hate, I saw the end of art, because it doesn’t make sense in this world, it became unimportant, and it’s no longer needed.

Today, after years of work, I finally understand the meaning and importance of art. And we never had in the history of humans, more need for art than now.

Wherever there is an ocean of grief, there will be a river of endless love.

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Hi and welcome! I am Daciana, a conceptual fine art photographer, poet, and author. I am presenting my art as photopoems, as I’ve defined them, by combining photography and my written poems. Experimenting with a new art form, I am always searching for my true voice and a unique vision.

My creative process starts from my personal emotions and life experiences, trying to find a deeper meaning in relation to human existence, or just trying to create a little bit of order in this chaos called life.

Photography has been part of my life early on, and I have written my first poetry manuscript when I was around 15 years old. In 2003 I had my first solo exhibition where I combined my written poems with my photographs. It wasn’t only in 2016 after losing a loved one, I started to learn and write in English, to experiment photopoetry, and create daily. It was a 366 days challenge to create photopoetry each day, documenting my journey through grief, which led to the publication of The Photo Poetry Book and Turning Black into Color. I want to share my path of healing, transforming the grief into happiness, to open a path of healing for the lost, lonely, brokenhearted.

In 2019, living in a foreign country, which I knew nothing about, not even the language, I started to pursue fine art photography, conceptualized in photopoems. I started the series entitled “Isolation – A Photopoetry Series“, which gain recognition in magazine and photography contests.

I am also working on the Lost Petals project.

Sincerely, from my heart, Daciana





Daciana Lipai is a Romanian conceptual fine art photographer, poet, and author of The Photo Poetry Book. She presents her art in photopoems, a beautiful combination of written poems, conceptualized in photographs. Her work has been awarded and published in various journals, magazines, books, and exhibited in galleries.


I am depicting my art through photopoetry, which I have defined as a fusion of fine art photography and poetry, written poetry on a piece of paper, captured in photographs.

I am conceptualizing my written poems, typewritten on an Olivetti typewriter, into photographs. The imagery moves beyond the realm of photography into a deep contemplative space, where the viewer can deep dive and ponder upon the nothingness of existence.

My inspiration comes from my life experiences, always searching for a deeper meaning, creating a space in-between photography and poems, reality and dream, images and words, logic, and emotions. I am building a frame that carries the viewer beyond the material world, and it dares to be a bridge between what you see and what you feel, what you know, and what you experience. Questioning the true essence of life, I try to bring a dramatized emotion – a raw emotion, which is the tension between the two worlds.

Although the photopoems are evoking a state of darkness and insecurity, the conveyed message is one full of hope, when we realizing our true essence is infinite love.


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2021 – 5th ONYX 2021 International Exhibition of Photography, Romania – accepted work
2021 – Annual Photo Awards – Honorable Mention – Fine art Series Category
2020 – ND photography Awards Honorable Mention in Fine Art Conceptual Category
2020 – 6th Edition of Fine Art Photography Awards – Nominee – Conceptual Fine Art Photopoetry
2020 – Shortlist Creative Photo Awards at Siena Awards
2020 – Selected for the Portfolio Review with the World Photography Organisation
2019 – Photography Winning Award at Blank Wall Gallery – Fine Art Photography
2018 – WeCare Festival Barcelona – finalist
2015 – Shoot and Share Photo Contest – finalist
2014 – Salonul Fotografului Roman, finalist
2013 – Photography Winning Award at TEDxNikmegen The Netherlands, Accelerate From age 0 to 110
2013 – Bronze Medal at “Best of CF” International Photographic Art Salon, Braila
2011 – Salonul Naţional de fotografie Fotogeografica – editia a XV – finalist
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2000 – Mihai Eminescu Poetry Festival – finalist


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2021 – Turning Black into Color – Amazon, paperback, ebook
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