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The Great Willow – A Visual Photopoem – Conceptual Fine Art Photography


The Great Willow - Daciana Lipai - a video photopoemAll Rights Reserved 2023 DACIANA LIPAI © – The Great Willow – a visual photopoem

In the shadow of the willow, 
I have searched for my life.

In the coldness of the willow, 
Broken, I kneeled and cry.

In the calmness of the willow,
I have felt my absolute helplessness.

In the darkness of the willow,
I have buried a part of my heart.

In the silence of the willow,
Desperately, I became a creaming shade.

In the womb of the willow, 
Torn, I have found my nothingness.

In the loneliness of the willow, 
Smaller, and smaller, I disappeared completely.

In the disillusion of the weeping willow, 
Jaded, I searched for forgiveness.

I have died, over and over again, 
At the greatness of the willow.

At the greatness of the willow, 
I watched the sky spilling out of love.


I created this visual photopoem, a combination of video, poetry, and fine art photography, trying to encapsulate the entire spectrum of emotions and the chaos that emerged from losing my dear ones, and documenting my journey from loss and grief to resilience.

The Great Willow - CoverAll Rights Reserved 2023 DACIANA LIPAI © – The Great Willow –conceptual art photography


Not long ago, The Great Willow poem was featured in Written Tale Magazine, you can read more here.


Photopoetry is a combination of fine art photography and poetry, written poetry on a piece of paper, captured in photographs. In my art, I am creating a space between photography and poetry, reality and dream, images and words, logic, and emotions. I am building a frame that carries the viewer beyond the material world, and it dares to be a bridge between what you see and what you feel, what you know, and what you experience. Questioning the essence of life, I try to bring a dramatized emotion – a raw emotion, which is the tension between the two worlds. It is a safe place where the heart can heal.


Feel free to share this with your art-lover friends or with anyone who can use a nice word. Leave a comment or drop me a line. I would love to hear from you.

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Lots of love, Daciana

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