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The Great Willow - Written Tales

Today is a special day for me and I want to share this joy with you. My poem The Great Willow (written in English) was published in an international publication. It’s a great joy because I worked a lot in this direction. On the photography side, I received many awards, publications, and recognitions, I had many publications in Romanian, and I published books in English, but when it comes to publications in English, I must admit that it was very difficult because, in addition to personal effort filed, it’s fierce competition.

The reader never sees the hidden part behind a work, and that’s why, often they are left with the impression that it was luck, talent, or they think how easy it is for someone, when in fact, it’s just personal sacrifice, whether it’s time, money, or something else. It seems to me that this overnight success is often misunderstood. There are years and years of work behind it. This statement comes as an encouragement to anyone who feels discouraged and wants to do something that may seem impossible to achieve.

I started writing at the age of 14 and published in periodicals since high school. I wrote a lot, and after I had a break in which I didn’t write any literary texts or poems. I resumed writing in 2016, in English, with the encouragement of my best friend. Dozens of poems, texts, blogs, books, courses, literature, writing workshops, and sleepless nights followed.

I would say that it was very easy to write and publish in my native language (although it’s never easy), but when it comes to foreign publications, that’s a whole other story.

After taking a writing class, I committed to signing up for 300 publications. It’s a concept in the publishing world left by an example of a famous writer who left his personal manuscript to 300 publishing houses, being rejected 299 times, and for the 300th time, the publication made him famous.

The Great Willow - CoverAll Rights Reserved 2023 DACIANA LIPAI © www.thephotopoetrybook.com – The Great Willow 

The poem The Great Willow published in Written Tales was written in 2018 and is only now published. I received the news about 2 months ago, but as a rule, the response from a publication takes between 6 months and a year, during which time few publications allow the text to be submitted to several publications simultaneously. Rejection can be for many reasons, bad writing, spelling mistakes, mismatch with the topic of the publication, and many other reasons, which will never be known to the writer. The accessibility of the Internet gives you access to a large audience, but the possibility of promotion is very small. Everything is subjective.

The truth is, I was about to give up when I got the news.
The joy is even greater because I have been following this publication for a longer time, for the values it promotes.

I invite you to their website where you can read the published poetry.


The Great Willow - DarknessAll Rights Reserved 2023 DACIANA LIPAI © www.thephotopoetrybook.com – The Great Willow – Darkness

Thank you so much to Written Tales magazine, for publishing and the great collaboration.


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