Lost Petals - phototohaiku for the brokenhearted



– photohaiku for the brokenhearted –

Daciana Lipai




Daciana Lipai - Turning Black into Color

Turning Black into Color

photopoems for the brokenhearted,
the path of finding resilience after losing someone
dear and transforming the grief into happiness

Navigating Self-Isolation

A workbook during social distancing


The Photo Poetry Book

2017, Hardcover, 30x30cm, 368 Pages

but you can still order the Ebook

Fine Art Photopoetry Manifesto

This book is for anyone who has suffered
or had their share of losses.
I am hoping that my work will also bring others
a word of comfort,
understanding or a little bit of peace of mind.

Fine Art Photopoetry Manifesto