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The Great Willow. EXPLORE the SERIES
Romanian Saying Served Up on a Plate EXPLORE the SERIES
Silent Scream. EXPLORE the SERIES


DREAM AWAY is a collection of self-portraits combined with poems. EXPLORE the SERIES
LOST PETALS is a collection of photohaikus for the brokenhearted that documents the journey of finding hope. EXPLORE the SERIES
ISOLATION a Photopoetry series a series that explores the deep feeling of Isolation and purpose, through photopoems. EXPLORE the SERIES
The Photopoet A collection of self-portraits depicted in photopoems. EXPLORE the SERIES
Turning Black INTO COLOR A collection of photopoems for the brokenhearted that documents the journey through grief. EXPLORE the SERIES
Black and White PHOTOPOETRY. Explore the SERIES

The Photo Poetry Book – FIRST EDITION – a collection of 366 days of poetry captured in photographs. EXPLORE the SERIES

Everlasting Ephemerals – a collection of Black and white photography combined with poetry. EXPLORE the SERIES



My Recent Works

All of my works are available as limited edition fine art photography prints, printed on museum-quality, Giclée prints with life-expectancy up to 200 years. All fine art prints are hand-signed by me and come with a certificate of authenticity.

PURCHASE Limited Edition PRINTS for your home:

All my works can be purchased as prints.

If you are interested in a custom size or limited edition of ONE OF A KIND, matted or framed, please contact me and we’ll get you the art that you want to have on your wall.


ISOLATION – a Photopoetry SERIES

Limited Edition Prints

All limited edition prints are printed on archival paper, signed, and numbered by the artist.

If you are interested in a custom size or limited edition of ONE OF A KIND, please contact me.

Certificate Of Authenticity

All limited edition prints are signed, numbered, and come with a Certificate of Authenticity, with detailed information about the work, title, and edition number.

The Certificate of Authenticity ensures that your print is an original.


Every piece is made to order just for you. As a result, all orders are final as soon as they are placed.

Dream Away SERIES – Photopoems

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Turning Black into Color – Photopoems for the Brokenhearted


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The Photopoet SERIES

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