Romanian Sayings Served Up on a Plate

He Lived His Life, and Ate the Corn – How Much A Life Is Worth


The Romanian saying ”Și-a trăit traiul, și-a mâncat mălaiul” expresses the passing of time, when the days are numbered and the end is near, used to express when someone or something is old or obsolete. Also, it expresses a social sentence, a disturbing consequence of the social practice to eliminate de superfluous mouths, by killing old people and abandoning the sick or handicapped. The old are helped to find their end sooner, also referred to as suiciding the old, which is an Orthodox ban and a contradiction to the belief that life is sacred, which stands as a cornerstone of life knowledge. The first records were found in the Greek and Roman literature, and later on were the base of a social theory.

My purpose as an artist is to emphasize the deviation of a decaying society, to put a magnifying glass over a possible truth, which doesn’t want to be seen or accepted. It is difficult not to think of the condemnable resemblance, and not to realize the direction in which our society is going.

We, as a society, must see the truth and understand good and evil, in order to keep the moral value of the world, the one that keeps humankind going.

Of course, we already know that good has already won, but we don’t know, if we, personally, have defeated evil, and until the end, we will choose the good. How could we be sure we choose the good if we can’t make a clear distinction between good and bad? For this purpose, chaos and confusion are created, and different shades of good and bad, always changing the meaning, and replacing the infinite nature of the soul with an evanescent instant pleasure or present happiness, all in the pursuit of personal interest. Somehow, this horrifying and condemnable practice tries to give a gentle approach as this is done for the good of society.

He Ate the Corn and Lived His Life - Romanian Sayings Served Up on a Plate

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