Romanian Sayings Served Up on a Plate

To Sell Oneself for a Lentil Plate


”To Sell Oneself for a Lentil Plate

A Romanian saying ”A se vinde pe un blid de linte a Romanian saying which means that you sold yourself for nothing, you sold your place in Heaven for nothing.

It’s very hard for me to put words to this image, because for me, it has a huge weight, and it speaks of betrayal. In essence, it is the harm that one person does to another, for his well-being, initially from a state of victimization and fear, then from pride, self-satisfaction, ignorance, and indifference.

It talks about the betrayal of the nation, country, peers, friends, family, children, self, values, beliefs, faith, identity, truth, life, present, past, and future.

We have been re-educated to believe that we will live forever because there is nothing beyond this moment. Let’s live NOW, in the moment, because nothing else matters. We were fooled to believe that will not give an answer for our deeds. Neither in this life nor in the life beyond.

In the cynical present, we are just inert puppets on a string, playing as the wind blows. A dark, fatalistic, depressing scenario is created with the aim of demoralizing and savaging.

How much truth this saying contains! I could compare it to “he sold his soul”. You see, the one who sold himself for a bowl of lentils feels only his full belly and the good he has done to himself, in his pride and satisfaction, he does not feel the evil done, and he will never accept his fault, and he will never understand that this is how evil spreads.

Perhaps, we should all think more about the harm we do to others (unknowingly or unwillingly), and not wonder when the harm will return, and when we will have to give an account.

I was disturbed by a voice that said it wanted to continue the evil, for its personal advantage and profit.

I ask myself, if we really want a better world, or is it all just for the sake of interest, and we only want a bowl of lentils?

To Sell Oneself for a Lentil Plate - Romanian Sayings Served Up on a Plate

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