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To Sit With the Carrot in the Bum – Reality and Perception


”To Sit With the Carrot in the Bum

A Romanian saying ”A sta cu morcovul în fund” which means to be scared, anxious, to be gripped by fear. It is a feeling that you have when everyone ensures you that everything is ok but you’re instinct tells you that something bad is going to happen. 

Creating this image made me think of reality and perception, what we see and what we imagine and think, in between the material world and the spiritual world.

A main theme throughout my work is the contradiction of reality and imagination, images and words, logic and emotions. There is a constant fight between what we see and what we choose to believe, what we think, feel, know, and what we live.

Everything we see and experience we interpret through our own belief system, while we build fake realities around what we want to accept and believe. If something doesn’t serve us or isn’t to our liking, we choose to ignore it. We will block out what we do not want to believe, maybe because it is inconvenient. Seeing the truth will change our life and everything we believe in, and that can be frightening, especially if the mind is not ready. It will contradict everything that we know about our reality.

It seems that we have built ourselves a beautiful little world we like to call reality and choose to believe we are safe, ignoring anything that might endanger it. In need of an illusion of safety, we created a fake world, lie after lie, after lie. If we open our eyes, we realize that our world is falling apart.

False perception can only be changed with the truth. Even if it’s painful, even if we don’t want to see or hear it, even if it means it will shatter our perfect little fake reality. But today, honesty in telling the truth seems to be the number one enemy. We are convinced that everything is alright, but deep down, we have a feeling, that something bad is going to happen.

And I say this because I want to know your opinion, is the truth considered a threat or negativity and avoided?

To Sit with a Carrot in the Ass - Romanian Sayings Served Up on a Plate

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