Romanian Sayings Served Up on a Plate

To Be Taken With the Sugar – Is Everything With Double Meaning?


“To Be Taken With the Sugar”

There is a Romanian saying, “a fi dus cu zăhărelul” which means that we were offered something sweet to be fooled, like once you use to trick horses with sugar.

The Romanian language, old and stationary, managed to gather in its wealth thousands of sayings and proverbs from the wisdom of the people, teachings that were transmitted over the centuries. It is estimated that the phraseological fund contains more than 7000 types. These teachings do not lose their significance even today, and they mostly refer to the moral values ​​of the nation, to absolute truths that can be observed and which, in their simplicity, create a reality that can hardly be dismantled. Even if human eyes and hearing can be deceived, they remain a cornerstone in the essence of human life.

The role of the sayings is to give meaning to the absurd and to ridicule in order to correct the decayed moral value, the degraded principles. It expresses contradictions, differentiates good from evil, and it expresses the human nature, encapsulating the quintessence of the Romanian soul. The importance of sayings is the process of knowing the reality that expresses simple truths.

Everything comes in contrast to the new reality created by manipulation and lies, which reflects the imposed change of traditions with an ideology, the replacement of popular thoughts and mentalities, and the reversal of values ​​and meanings.

My project presents an antithesis, which highlights the contrast between the truth that is served to us on a plate as absolute truth, and the ancient knowledge of people, call it intuition if you like, as opposed to denying the right to think, distinguish truth from lies and recognize the good from the bad.

To Be Taken With the Sugar - Romanian Sayings Served Up on a Plate

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