Have you ever felt the darkness? When you lose a person you love, or something dear to your heart, it feels like the whole world turns black. With every second, more and more, it is tearing you apart. It can be so hard to see the light and climb back up, from the dark, lonely, fearful world, that pulled you in. It is so hard to let go and to see the world so beautiful as it is.

Did you ever felt the heaviness of the heart and you couldn’t escape?

Some days I felt like that after the loss of someone dear to my heart and no matter how hard I tried to fight the feelings, darkness was still there.

We let the tears fall, know this life is ephemeral and embrace all the moments we still have.

The Photo Poetry Book ~ a year of 366 days of PhotoPoetry ~ Day 120 - Darkness

The Photo Poetry Book ~ a year of 366 days of PhotoPoetry ~ Day 120 – Darkness

The darkness has settled in

Black are the images.

Black are the words.

Black is the world.

White are my tears.


.          .          .


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A project of deep love. A reflection on life and death, loss, and purpose. A journey to resilience.

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Coming out of the darkest time of my life I understood the importance of telling my story. I hope that my art will bring everyone that had their share of losses a path and encouragement to find happiness in their life again.



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