In the Way


Do you ever feel you are looking for thoughts to stop you from going on your true path?

Today I am amazed by the fact that a few years back I was creating this #photopoetry. I read the poem, and at this moment, I feel exactly the same. With the same intensity, with the same power, in the same overwhelming way. It feels like this big ocean of doubt. Am I going in the right direction? I am doing good? Is this the right path? I don’t want to question anymore everything. I don’t want to stop anymore at every step, thinking, on every decision that I have made in my life. I don’t want to dwell in fear anymore.

Deep inside I know that I will always search for reasons to stop me, yet I know, I can’t carry this burden much longer.

Do you ever feel you sabotage yourself, so you don’t have to confront what is coming or what has passed?


The Photo Poetry Book ~ a year of 366 days of PhotoPoetry ~ Day 135 - In the Way
The Photo Poetry Book ~ a year of 366 days of PhotoPoetry ~ Day 135 – In the Way


And there will always be


In the way

To stop you



.          .          .

Because I have experienced loss, grief, and depression, and I understand the one that is standing in that place, broken, lost and lonely, I hope that my work brings comfort to the brokenhearted.

If you don’t heal your heart, the sadness will spread.

In my projects, I am hoping to open a path of healing for others.


.          .          .

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