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Soul photographs


We can have limited soul photographs that truly speak from our heart, and will always remain our most treasured split moment of our life.



There are many photographs that I love, but I have to admit that this is one of my soul photographs. The ones in the image are my dear grandparent, who I love enormously. I have to thank them for the person I am today.

In the back of the image, you can see my family’s photographs — one portrait of my grandparents when they were young and a portrait of their children, my mom and her brother, when they were kids. I grew up with these frames on the wall. They are on that wall since I can remember.

From here started my passion for photography. I was looking with child’s eyes, and couldn’t understand how can you capture a moment of time on paper, and how perfect and clear it is, always being fascinated by the beauty of my grandparents, and my mother’s.

Today, this portrait that represents my world, received a priceless value, and with the passing of time, I realized, that for us, the children, this is our heritage.

Although today, anyone can take pictures, it looks like we have forgotten their true value and meaning.

A portrait is a memento of our identity and it is there for us so we can always remember our values and never forget a split moment from our evanescent life. We must receive with love and joy every moment.

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