Waiting For The Year to End

The Life Of a Photopoet
The Life Of a Photopoet


A few days ago, when the sun was setting, I passed in a hurry near a trivial landscape, I froze for a second just so that my eyes can cross this ocean of grief, surrounding me. I don’t know what caught my eyes or what made me stop from my way, but it made me get so close to the edge, grab the fence and wait, wondering if there is an escape. A cold breeze. A smell… a smell… a familiar smell overwhelms me but I cannot recall it. An odd feeling of unbearable longings.

Everything should have settled in the serenity of the evening but mad thoughts still spear the air and conquer unforgivingly. The eyes see whatever they want. Everyone has his own version of the truth.

Is this just a painting in my imagination or is this real? Looks like a land of sorrow. The fear pulls me back and I hesitate, I look back, but with a stone heart, crushed by hateful words, you are always lost.

Some will see the madness of it all, some will see the insane colors, many will see the torment of the words, many will see the heavy loneliness, a few will see the madness of this world, others will find a peaceful place, to rest in, one or two will find a little bit of comfort, to hide. Instead, some will not ever dare to look.

I just see that this is exactly the way I fell. Where I can finally, find myself complete again.

Embracing the passing year. Accepting, surrendering and leaving it far behind. I am glad it is finally over.

I am just waiting impatiently for the sun to set and unravel its veil of calmness. I am just waiting in silence for the night to come and overshadow all the longings. I am just waiting, counting down seconds, for the sound of the midnight clock to scare away the ghosts of the past. I wait, in the dark night, where the hearts are praying for forgiveness.

Watching the sun, dry every tear. Knowing every sunrise brings another day. This time, another day, another year, another empty paper, where we can write on. In a place, where I can fall in love once again, with myself, with the words, with the world.


Happy New Year!  



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