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WHAT IS PHOTOPOETRY – A New Video of My Creative Process


Make the best use out of each day you have, even if you are in quarantine because you are never getting that day back. 

This is the thought I have these days.

After months of fighting with myself to start this series of videos, I finally finish the first video. It will be a series explaining my creating process. I know the video needs some improvements but I am ok with it because I have so much more that I want to share.


I am sharing a little bit of my self-portrait fine art photopoetry, and my creative process. How I defined photopoetry and how I create.

❤️ Check out my videos on the youtube channel and tell me what you think.
What else would you want me to talk about?

Find the endless rivers of love in your heart,

you’ll be alright,

whatever may come.

.          .          .

Leave a comment and let me know how you’re holding up, what you’ve been doing with your time, locked down in quarantine, I would honestly love to hear from you.


Lots of love

Take care and stay safe!



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