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Behind the Scene Self-Portrait with Irises

I rarely post unedited photos. This image is raw, straight out of the camera. After a full 5 minutes of make-up, I thought my make-up was too much, turns out you can barely see it.
I forgot how much I love the shoots, and at the same time how exhausting can be. An assistant would have been more to ask for this shoot.
Apparently, holding the heavy flowers, while trying to pose soft hands while triggering and hiding the remote, while trying to catch a little wind in the hair, trying to look not posed, it was a little too much, maybe.
Slowly, I am dragging myself out of the creative block. For me, it has been a really buzzy, crazy, confusing, frustrating, and exhausting time. Honestly, I just needed some time off social.
Now, I can’t wait to go back to edit this shoot. And I have tons of more ideas!Daciana Lipai Behind the Scenes with Irises

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