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How I Started Using Symbolism In My Art


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Even though I use words to express my emotional state, being also a photographer makes me want to balance the world created between poetry and photography, finding visual symbols to express my art. This is how the photopoetry concept was born.

After a rough time in my life, I have spent one year in a Photo Challenge, creating photopoetry. One of my intentions was to explore my emotional state and experiment ways to express it. For me, the perfect way I can express my emotional state is through poetry. I wrote poetry on small pieces of paper. I wondered how can I incorporate and depict the poetry/emotion/mood/words in an abstract/conceptual. I have learned that the best way is to start from a blank space and think of a simple concept you can symbolically express.

I would never have created The Photo Poetry Book if I had focused on the things I don’t have or I can’t do. So, my question was: If you don’t have anything, how can you create this image, and start adding, one by one, photography camera, 50mm lens, the written poetry on a little piece of paper, a ray of light, color, one object…

I always want to intrigue the viewer. To let him ponder in a very personal, deep, questioning state.

Only when we start to question our lives, our emotions, we overcome our ignorance and comfort. Becoming more emphatic, we will understand and connect with others and overcome our loneliness. Only then we will be more aware of our life.

I leave you to ponder the concept of my simplest photopoetry, in a small selection of pieces, which in my opinion, are the most abstract.

Let me know in the comments what symbols and concept do you see represented here?

Photopoetry Day 207 Clouds


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