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JOIN My Book Turning Black into Color ARC Launch Team


ARC stands for advanced reader copy! That’s right! If you join the team (and get accepted) you will get a free copy of my ebook Turning Black into Color, in exchange for your honest feedback.

Turning Black into Color Arc Team

What you get

✔ An advanced electronic copy (PDF) of the Turning Black into Color book, that you can read before anyone else will get a copy

✔ Exclusive access to a private Facebook group, where we’ll share promotion ideas and you’ll have direct contact with me

✔ The opportunity to interact with other launch team members and see the behind-the-scenes of a book launch

✔ A special mention on my blog with a link to your website


What I’m asking from you

If you’re picked to be a part of this team, I ask that you agree to:

✔ Read and review the book online (e.g. Amazon, Goodreads, and/or your social media).

✔ Spread the word any way you can

✔ Interact with the rest of the launch team and participate in the community to help come up with promotion ideas

I’m going to be “all in” for this, so I ask that you take it seriously. Please don’t apply if you don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to helping get the word out.


Apply now

Because of how personally invested I’m going to be in this project, we need to keep the group to a manageable size. Therefore, not every application will be accepted.

I hope you will join us!

If you are interested, please fill out this form.

(update: Thank you! The enrolment has ended!)


❤ I am truly grateful for your support. I look forward to hearing from you.


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