Romanian Sayings Served Up on a Plate

To Eats Saints and Spit Devils – Reality Is Far Far Away From the Truth


To Eat Saints and Spit Devils! – Mănâncă sfinți și scuipă draci! It’s a Romanian saying referring to hypocrisy, which expresses lies, untruth, and false pretense, when everything is presented to be torn from heaven, hard-working submissive people actually live in hell.

Romanian sayings are useful words for the soul, intended to keep in check any deviation of society and to correct it, they come with the millennial definition of the basic values ​​of a healthy society. Most of the time, the sayings have a cutting approach, presenting a reality that wants to be ignored, but which can’t be denied, and feels like a cold shower in the morning.

If we listen to the old wisdom of the people, we will understand that the essence of the Romanian people has always been based on values ​​such as truth, dignity, honor, and respect, but today, the leading people want to impose on us a society based on lies, untruth, hypocrisy. A vanity tules over us, believing to be all-knowing, with defiant words, which wants to turn the world upside down, to invert all moral values, until we will call evil good.

The saying refers to the moralistic wolves, which talk about how well we live, always promising a bright future, but honest and hardworking people feel tighter and tighter the rope around their necks. We are witnessing the degradation of society at a rapid pace, while we are served up on a plate praises about the much good done for the prosperity of the country. Truths are imposed on us that for an honest soul are not natural, and are degrading.

We are guilty of living in ignorance and accepting evil.

In this great fake reality, what lies behind the masks? What hides behind the lies? What are the true intentions? What lies beneath the beautifully interpreted words?

Perhaps our ignorance and selfishness have allowed our society to reach the point of self-destruction, where we can’t go any further.

To Eats Saints and Spit Devils - Romanian Sayings Served Up on a Plate

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