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Lost Petals – photohaiku for the brokenhearted – Daciana Lipai – Book Launch



Lost Petals – photohaiku for the brokenhearted – Daciana Lipai

My new photohaiku book Lost Petals is out into the world! You can find it on Amazon here.
TODAY is on special offer for readers all over the world. It will be FREE for the next 3 days so don’t miss the offer! The paperback is also at a special price.

Lost Petals - phototohaiku for the brokenhearted - Book Cover
2021 © DACIANA LIPAI | L O S T • P E T A L S ~ photohaiku for the brokenhearted
Lost Petals – photohaiku for the brokenhearted, is a beautiful book, presented in a combination of haiku form poetry, with black and white mountain landscape fine art photographs.
A visual pathway for the brokenhearted, for those who search resilience after losing someone dear, trying to give this chaos of fear and grief a meaning, comes as an encouragement to find a deeper meaning and to calm the restless mind. In these dark dark times, we have to believe that we will find a bigger purpose than ourselves and our lives.

I think in these dark times it is necessary to hold on to every positive and hopeful thought. I think we all need some space where we can find a little peace of mind.

Feel free to share this with your friend, or with anyone who can use a nice word, someone who lost someone or deals with grief or sadness. Leave a comment or drop me a line. I would love to hear from you ❤

Want to learn more about the book LOST PETALS or the photohaiku fine art prints? You can check out more here.

You can purchase the book LOST PETALS from Amazon here.

Lots of love, Daciana

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