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-“Let me tell you a story…” my grandfather would always say, and I would stay for hours listening to his life stories.

Today, because for me it’s a special day, I want to tell you a story.

Probably I’ve told this story in a million ways, a million times and sometimes I feel, maybe not enough. Each time it fills my heart, it warms my soul and hides my eyes in tears.

I am so honored to be featured by LENSCRATCH – Fine Art Photography daily in #LenscratchTellMeAStory.

I know my grandfather would have been so proud and happy. Even though it’s years since they live only in my heart, I can still vividly hear him:

– “And how many people saw us? What did they say?”, as grandma would have exclaimed:

– “Oh, no!” leaving the conversation in a hurry.

90 - Daciana Lipai - featured in Lenscratch Tell Me AStory

90 – Daciana Lipai – featured in Lenscratch Tell Me AStory



“–Let me take a picture of you two, together!”, I said as I wanted to gift my grandfather a 90-year Birthday present.

“–Oh, no! Why do you want to take our picture? We are so old, and ugly”, said my grandmother.

“–Maybe you are ugly! I am handsome… and young!”, immediately came my grandfather’s reaction.

“– Get closer… ”, I said, preparing my camera.

“–Yes, come closer…”, putting his arm around my grandmother, pulled her close, with a subtle smile.

“–Get your hands off me, you old dirty-minded!” replied grandma after 63 years of marriage.

In a fraction of a second, I saw a lifelong filled with love.

Today, when they live only in my heart, this image represents my world, one great love, the image of happiness.


This portrait was taken when my grandfather was turning 90. I wanted to gift him a portrait for the book we were writing together.

Today, my grandfather would have turn 99. He always said he would reach 100. Happy Birthday, my dear grandfather!


What did the people say? What do you say?

Thank you so much LENSCRATCH for sharing my story. It is an honor.


Lots of love, STAY SAFE




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