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I simply love the narcissus flowers. My grandma had a garden full of narcissus and daffodils that bloom in spring and filled a great part of the garden with such beauty you couldn’t take your eyes off. She always picked up the most beautiful flowers to make me a bouquet, while I was telling her not to pick them up because she will ruin the beautiful field of flowers. I was secretly expecting the answer which I knew was going to be “don’t worry, others will grow!” so I can enjoy my beautiful flower bouquet.

An endless field of white flowers, with the smell of Heaven, in-blossom each spring, to bring joy, peace, and hope. I will always cherish it in my heart.

While the world is changing fast and we lose the ones we love, we have to hold on tight to every memory, to every good and hopeful thought, to keep this beautiful world alive, even if only in our dreams, until we can be together again, in a world, with no war or hate, where flowers never wilt.

Daciana Lipai - Peace - Dream Away Photopoempoem and photography 2022 © DACIANA LIPAI | Peace ~ D R E A M • A W A Y • Photopoems ~ Fine Art Photography Series


A world is living its last moments

When time is a war propaganda

I cannot longer pray in my dream,

For peace.

Behind the scene self-portrait with white narcissus.
I think the most difficult part when making self-portraits, it’s to capture the shoot straight out of the camera, not having to add more elements in post-production. To achieve a painterly image with a dreamy feeling, I’ve added white flowers in front of the camera.
Daciana Lipai - Peace - Dream Away Photopoem - behind the scene
2022 © DACIANA LIPAI | D R E A M • A W A Y • Photopoems ~ Peace ~ behind the scene
Daciana Lipai - Peace - Dream Away Photopoem - behind the scene
2022 © DACIANA LIPAI | D R E A M • A W A Y • Photopoems~Peace~ Self-portrait with White Narcissus

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Lots of love, Daciana

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