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APART ~ A Photopoem ~


I see how each day, the lockdown days of quarantine are building a sadder and lonelier world, as we drew more and more apart from each other. Are you going to gain love or fear?

One of the heaviest feelings to carry is loneliness.

Isolation and loneliness force you to introspect and search deep inside for answers.

Seeing our own perfect little worlds shattered, we are overwhelmed by the feeling of brokenness, loneliness, and isolation. We see how fragile life is. We start to question the deep persistent state of our nothingness and ponder upon the human condition troubled by the transience of life that stands under the question mark of existence, purpose, and meaning. Finding ourselves we will find self-love and resilience.

When I arrived in Spain, the loneliest man I know told me:

-“You are lonelier than me!”

I’ve practiced isolation long before the quarantine started because I’ve long so much for serenity and resilience, I needed to clear my thoughts, searching for peace of mind. Only acknowledging every negative thought you’ll be able to change it and find life’s joy again.

I started my photopoetry in 2016, after losing my dear grandfather. The result was 366 photopoems. The poetry I wrote was a deep reflection of my emotion and a reflection of my thoughts. I tried to depict the poem into a photograph. It was a good exercise of self-expression, on finding my path to resilience. There are some photopoems which I really love, some that I really don’t believe I wrote them, in some I really love the poem, in others, I really love the photograph. I always wanted to make a selection of my favorite poems and design a small book.

I really believe that stories and poetry can break the feeling of loneliness. In my darkest days, I understood that I’m not alone and many are experiencing the same brokenness. What helped me is hearing others speak of their grief. So I want to pass the gift of healing the heart further.

Isolation and loneliness are a path of healing, changing, understanding.

While the scenario of the world is changing, we have to lock down our minds. For some, isolation is a question of freedom. Freedom of the mind. For others, it is a question of alienation as fear is taking over their minds. For a few, it is a question of love.
All becomes a question of understanding and empathy.

On which side will you be? How will isolation change you?

APART ~ A Photopoem ~
APART ~ A Photopoem ~




Each second

We are drifting

More and more




.                    .                    .


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Lots of love

Take care and stay safe!


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