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DELICATE – A Photopoem


Is the quarantine time making you feel invisible?

Even though the lockdown is starting to end, and we can leave the house with some restrictions, I still feel the insecurity, the coldness, the distance, the frustration, the fear, the anxiety, the anger. The distance has somehow sneaked in ourselves and our minds.

As I am experiencing the lockdown in Spain, far away from my country and my home, I feel very distant and cold, and honestly, because I don’t speak Spanish, I don’t understand much what is happening. So many times we make sense of life how we want, filling the gaps as we pleased and with how it makes us feel safer. We take from our belief system, what we believe to be the absolute truth.

How do you recognize the truth?

Being lockdown inside I worked a lot on my art. I find out that I have many projects that I am working on, which I started some time ago, but put aside, and never giving me the time to finish them. Forcing myself to finish the projects, I realized I have to choose a direction. This is even tougher when all the world it’s unstable and insecure. For this, I had to confront myself. Recognize myself. Figure out who I am and where I am going with my art.

Do you feel the words are more and more translucent?

It’s a strange coldness in the words and a lack of essence that I feel. Even the words seem to be now translucent, as they lack form and essence. We don’t stop to think about the meaning of the words anymore. We don’t stop to think about the essence of life anymore. It is really hard these days to form an opinion, to have strong beliefs, and to express them.

Are you still creating from your heart? Are you still saying what you truly believe?

DELICATE ~ A Photopoem
DELICATE ~ A Photopoem



We step on a delicate world

Painted with immaculate nuances

Kept with translucent words






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Lots of love

Take care and stay safe!


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