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DREAMS ~ A Photopoem ~


I started my photopoetry project trying to discover who I am and what my purpose in my life is. In the actual context of lockdown, I think deep introspection it’s essential in trying to understand yourself when trying to find your path in life.
What really helped me is trying to simplify and deconstruct the definitions of my values. Going back to basic needs and defining the really important things that matter to me.
Our path in life is also defined by the dreams we have.

What are dreams?

Society teaches as to make a big list of dreams to follow. This becomes our goal, our path in life. When a dream comes true we realize that we don’t feel as we imagine it to. So we hurry up to follow more dreams.
I think we follow dreams because we think that this the path to happiness.

What is happiness?

In this imposed quarantine time I had to define again, more clear and strong, my definitions of who I am, my path in life, and the essential meaning of my life. What is really important. I think my greatest lesson is that we need a deep introspection to find our values and beliefs. When everything is making our lives more confusing and insecure, we need to have strong opinions and strong ideas.

Why do you follow your dreams?

You can’t look outside for answers. you need to search deep inside your heart. As we may think to have our dreams comes true will makes us happy I think it’s an illusion. Could it be that dreams are standing in the way of our happiness, always making us chase more dreams and running after more illusions, while we are always blind for what we have and never be truly grateful for what we should?

Dreams ~ A Photopoem ~
Dreams ~ A Photopoem ~


Crippled from too many wounds

You can only watch

Other people live your dreams.




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