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LEAF – A Photopoem


The most important question I’ve tried to answer in my year-long project is “what is my purpose in life”.

I think that this is a question that crosses everyone’s mind at some point.

I’ve asked the ARC team to read the book and give me an honest review. And although I’ve received a lot of “it is unique and beautiful” (for which I am very grateful and humble) the most striking review I got is for this photopoem. The reviewer told me:
“I loved the book, especially this image. I think it is o sad”.

I was really surprised by this because this photopoem for me it’s the most hopeful. It is the moment when something shifted in me. After a long time hiding in sadness and grief, ashamed by the brokenness, I found myself in a conversation that made me realize that we are on the wrong path. We are struggling when we shouldn’t. Blinded, we are fighting for things that shouldn’t matter. We are chasing ephemerals when life slips us by in a heartbeat, unnoticed. It feels like trying to catch a waterfall.
We can’t control many of the things happing around us, but nor we should. We can’t change the world by trying to control things but we have to change ourselves. This is how we change the world.
So, you see, why I was so contradicted when she told me that this is the saddest thing she ever heard, and for me, it is a representation of hope.
I’ve understood at that moment why I am here. The purpose of this life.
My view shifted. My life changed.

LEAF - A Photopoem
LEAF – A Photopoem

We don’t do anything.

We can’t.

We are like a leaf on water.




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Lots of love

Take care and stay safe!


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