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When I started working on the book – TURNING BLACK INTO COLOR – Photopoems for the Brokenhearted, I knew I wanted to be a poetry and photography book, to present images in a poetry book, but in a fine art conceptual photography, and the most important thing was to have a unique approach, that was never created before.
There were some books created with poetry and photography, like my 2003 project Everlasting Ephemerals, (I wrote about it here), but not poems integrated conceptual into an image.
I must admit a lot more than I thought goes into a book launch. You can self-publish, and do it all yourself, but if far more work than one person can handle, to be honest.

I chose this path and on the way, I learned a lot, and I do not regret a thing, knowing that I could have done some things differently, and knowing that I will know better in my next published book.

Daciana Lipai Turning Black into Color Book

© DACIANA LIPAI | Turning Black into Color – Photopoems for the Brokenhearted

If you followed me along the journey, you may know that I had a wonderful ARC team how helped me during the launching process of the book.
I wanted to write this blog as a thank you, and leave you some of the most beautiful words and reviews I received.

The first one I want to mention is author Jordan Renee, who made an ARC review on her youtube channel( you can view it here)

“Turning Black into Color is not just literature, but art as well. Every page, poem, and photograph was a unique experience that I couldn’t look away from. I absolutely love the idea of combining poems and photography, and couldn’t believe how effortlessly and artfully Daciana Lipai weaves the two together.“

“Beautiful imagery. Each photograph carefully thought through and placed in a black and white/color arrangement which seems random at first, but as words are added to each of them they reveal a sadness which is slowly dampened by the appearance of color.
A blend of distress and comfort, hopelessness and courage, sorrow and peace can be found in each and every one of the pages.
One can see the true color (or sometimes lack of) of the author’s soul, all the struggles and retreats, but mostly the courage she had to face and conquer the tremendous emptiness the loss of her loved ones left within her.
Truly a beautiful book that is guaranteed to uncover the most hidden sentiment and bring to light a plethora of emotions.”

“Daciana Lipai presents her very own personal experience of dealing with loss, grief and recovery in a beautiful mix of poetry and photography. This is a unique inspiring and beautifully creative expression of emotions and experiences we all go through at some point in our life and cope with in different ways and to varying degrees. I salute you Daciana for your bravery in exposing your very personal walk through the valley of the shadow of death.”

It was a pleasure reading this book and at the same time painful. It’s sad to remember how losing someone feels like, but it is realy beautiful to see how pain in a creative way expresst is and how you can heal throuch Art. The author is obviously a sensitive and talented person.

This book really spoke to my soul
A seriously beautiful, absolute treasure of a book. It captures the experience of losing one you love in the a collection of poems and photographs.
Each word is not only relatable, but also authentic. While reading, I felt all the emotions- sadness, longing, anger, emptiness, acceptance, and closure.
Really, great super emotional book that speaks to those who been hurt.

Telling a story, expressing feelings throught poetry or photography is not something uncommon, but combining the two of them is not as usual and doing it with such bravery and excellence in truly worthy of admiration and respect.

You can read more about the book here or you can purchase the book here.
Don’t forget you can always leave a review. Reviews are important because they help spread the word and people who need a kind word can find more easily the book. And I thank you in advance. ❤

❤ Thank you all for the kind words, for reading my book and for the beautiful reviews.


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