Turning Black into Color

Turning Grief into Happiness – Photopoems


I wrote this book for anyone who has lost a dear one and looking for a kind word, for anyone who has suffered loss and unbearable grief.

The state of isolation can bring back emotions from the past, ignored, or that we tried to hide and forget in time. These uncertain times can reveal past wounds that we didn’t even know existed.

Have you ever felt brokenhearted?

Daciana Lipai Turning Black into Color Book photopoems

We are all going to feel lost, lonely, or brokenhearted in this life. Seeing how fragile life is. Feeling the nothingness of our human condition. When a loved one dies, the pain of loss can feel unbearable. In order to heal the broken heart, the bereaved one has to channel all his energy into making something out of the grief.

When our security, our freedom, is taken away when we lose a great deal of love, we need to find a way to make order into the ocean of grief.

In my project, I want to bring hope and optimism. The only way to heal a broken heart is love. As deeper the love, the grief is more profound.

In my art, I’m creating a safe place where the heart can heal. it is a place where the viewer can deep dive into the most intimate questions and explore the deepest emotions.

If love is strong enough, everything will fade away.

Lots of love, Daciana


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