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This is the last image from my series DREAM AWAY so I can say as the first stage of my project is finished, it is time to enter the second stage of the project if time will allow.

Because of the actual context in the world, here at the border with Ukraine, expecting the unexpected to happen, the mission statement of my project turned into a message of PEACE and LOVE. We have to do whatever it takes to maintain peace. I feel a drowning sadness when I see all humanity has lost its way, turned away from the truth, from love, from God. You can’t stop a war by pouring more hate.

War brings only death and destruction. Life becomes money.

I started this project a year ago (you can read about it here), depicting other realities, searching for a little peace of mind and hope, as retreating from the burst of violence and induced fear in the media.

I have to ask myself: how did we get here? and do we really want to build a new better world?

In the context of war, everything changes and life gets another meaning. When our security is threatened, we are left reflecting on why we are here, living this life, fighting this war, and DREAMING AWAY in an everlasting world.

It all seems so unreal like living a prophecy.

Daciana Lipai - Dream - Dream Away Photopoempoem and photography 2022 © DACIANA LIPAI | Dream ~ D R E A M • A W A Y • Photopoems ~ Fine Art Photography Series

A world ends, gone in seconds,
I’m thinking of the day,
When I will no longer be allowed
To dream


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Lots of love, Daciana

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