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Sneak Peek of my New Book Turning Black into Color

It’s time for the big reveal! Sneak Peek ❤
My book #TurningBlackintoColor will be coming out this spring!

Not long ago I was mentioning that I am working on a new book. It’s an old dream of mine, that is slowly becoming a book.

is it a photo book?
Is it a poetry book?
Is it a trade color book?
Is it a photopoetry collection?
Is it a fine art conceptual project?
YES!! All of the above!
I am so thrilled! Do you want to know more?
I want to start with a sneak peek, a short presentation of the book, the book Turning Black into Color trailer.
I’ve been working a lot on this project, which is dear to my heart and it is so wonderful seeing its evolution. It was a unique experience, and I’ve learned so much in the process. I’ve received a lot of questions, but mainly “I can’t wait for you to share the story” which made me realize I have unlimited stories around my projects.
LET ME KNOW! What is your first question that comes to mind?


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